Can I use this for chatbots?
Yes, you can build chatbot chatbot of your own with our webhooks and API. In order to do, you need to subscribe to any I/O plan that allow you to implement chatbots on top of our API.
Can I use This product to send marketing messages?
As you may know, WhatsApp has strict policies about sending unsolicited marketing messages, illigit content or spam.

Sending marketing or any unsolicited messages to users is not allowed and you would put you WhatsApp number in a high risk of getting banned.

WhatsApp communication is not suitable for all business cases, so we recommend to design a legit and user-consent communication strategy in order to avoid any problems.

What programming languages supported for the API integration?
You can essentially use any programming language that can perform HTTPS requests to remote servers.

This also includes command-line tools such as cURL, httpie, and graphical tools like Postman.

How can I validate phone numbers?
We provide the Number validator API endpoint that allows you to validate the E164 format up to 500 phone numbers per API request. This API endpoint has no limit and can be called with no additional cost.

Please note this validation only does validate of the given phone number format is valid or not, but it will not validate whether it’s linked or not to an existing WhatsApp account.

For WhatsApp numbers existing validation please check the article below..

Is there any SDK or dependency required to use the API?
Absolutely not, the API is very simple to use with no SDK requirements or external dependencies.

This makes the API easy to integrate with any existing software, CMS, CRM, ERP, etc.

Please check out our API documentation for more details and ready-to-use code examples.

From where can I obtain the API code examples?
Please check out our API documentation and select the ready-to-use code example in the desired language.
We provide code examples for most common languages and CLI tools, such as JavaScript, Node.js, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, C#, Swift, Go and more.
Do I need a WhatsApp Business account?
Our system works exactly the same whether you have a Personal or a Business WhatsApp account.
Can I change my WhatsApp number in my existing device?
Sure, you can do it at any time in a few minutes. To do so, you don’t need to delete your device and create a new one. All you need to do is to scan your new number. More info in this article.